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3 Year Carrier Direct Drive Fridge Parts Warranty

TSS can now offer you the opportunity to extend your parts warranty up to
“3 years” all you have to do is follow the terms and conditions outlined below

Unit Maintenance Schedules To Maintain 3 Year Fridge Parts Warranty

Regular servicing is required in order to optimise the service life and reliability of your Carrier fridge van unit. Servicing is to be carried out according to Carrier / TSS Recommendations.
 The fridge unit must have a full service once every 9  months or 40,000 kilometres whichever comes first. This service / inspection is to be carried out in one of TSS depots in Dublin, Limerick or Hillsborough NI.


Service To Be Carried Out

Full Service

  •  Carrier Viento “Full service time” duration 6-7 hours
  • Carrier Xarios “Full service time” duration 2-3 hours

 The service will include a filter drier, refrigerant evacuation and re-charge,
inspection of fridge unit and will check any other wear and
tear parts that may need replacing.
First year call out and labour costs are covered under warranty by TSS. In
the second and third year all major parts (not wear and tear
parts e.g. drive belt) are covered in case of failure (not labour).

The extra two year warranty is only covered in Ireland not outside of Ireland.
So any parts needed have to be changed in a TSS depot in Ireland, Call out is not
covered in years 2 and 3, call out will be charged at an extra fee if needed.

Opt Out (No Problem)

If you do not follow the terms and conditions above your Carrier direct drive refrigeration unit will revert the 3 year parts warranty back to the original twelve month manufacture warranty and cancel any second and third year
parts warranty.
 Remember you have no contracts to sign so it’s up to you to look after your investment.

What’s not covered during the additional two years

  • Driver error
  • Travel (Call out in years 2 and 3)
  • Change of compressor drive belt (if needed)
  • Damage


Breakdown assitance

Should you encounter a problem with your refrigeration unit during transit, follow your company's emergency procedure or contact the nearest Carrier Transicold
service centre.
 As previously noted above, 3 year parts warranty will only be honoured in
a TSS depot in Ireland. Replacement parts and call out outside of Ireland will
be charged at local Carrier dealership rates.